San Vicente

Site: SV (236)

San Vicente looks out across a spring-fed intermontane valley in the Serranias del Burro, a northern extension of the Sierra Madre Oriental visible from the Rio Grande. Although all of the paintings clearly belong to the Pecos River style, variations also relate them to a long tradition of northern Mexican rock art. The absence of overpainting and the discrete isolation of individual figures are reminiscent of vision quests wherein the supplicant travels to the mountains in search of enlightenment which he commemorates in paint, unlike the ceremonial impression given by the density of overpainting at sites along the Rio Grande. Paintings at San Vicente: Flying Shaman (236) Two Rabbit-eared Shamans (236) Entranced Shaman (236) Rock Art at San Vicente (236) Shamans at San Vicente (236) Shaman (249)

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